Make Assured Profit at a Casino


Along with gambling, baccarat has more frequent wins than other games. The advantage of the game is about 1.01%, subject to bets on a banker. Although the advantage of the game over the casino is not bad, there are no definite calculations for the bet on baccarat. All that can be controlled is the size of the bet and the hand. The rest is a matter of chance. But still there are rules of the game that will help “catch luck by the tail”, and further, you can check out sanook69 for details.

When choosing baccarat, remember the following rules:

Bet on the banker. This is the best of the three rates in baccarat, which allows you to reduce the superiority of the casino. For example, having made such a bet, with one deck, the superiority of the casino will be 1.01%. The stake on the player is also no less successful, at which the casino’s superiority is 1.29%.

The third bet is based on a draw. This bet is also called the “loser” bet. Although with a similar rate, the tempting superiority of the casino increases to 16%, which is not profitable for the player.

Use a small amount of decks. The game uses eight, six or one deck. Accordingly, the latter option gives more chances to win. But if there is such a casino, where they play for one deck, you should still make sure that there are no exceptions to the rules or additional conditions that neutralize the player’s advantage.


Play for money, which are provided for the loss. So it will not be possible to go into a big minus. This advice is valid not only in relation to baccarat, but also for other games.

Pay attention to the commission. In baccarat usually five percent of the winnings are removed. But you can find a smaller percentage. This is necessary in order to reduce the advantage of the casino. The smaller the percentage of victory, the less advantage the institution. For this purpose, you can use the casino bonus system, since each bonus reduces the advantage of a gambling establishment. No need to study the scoreboard, which shows the results of the last hand. These results will not give any clues, but can be misleading.

Always set a cash limit for the game. Do not forget that baccarat is a gamble that can tighten well. Always count your budget.

Use bankroll management. The point is to manage your capital and rates. To stay longer at the gambling table, you should set the minimum rate compared to the bankroll.

Do not believe in different systems of rates in baccarat. Many use such systems as Martingale. This system requires a doubling of the rate, which increases the risk. If you use such systems, you need to be well versed in the game and have some experience.

Author Since: Dec 25, 2017